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Meet the Team

dr. mohammed mansour dentist

Dr. Mohammed Mansour

Creative thinker and lover of a good challenge, Dr. Mansour provides safe and honest solutions specific to your dental needs. He enjoys watching medical shows in his off days, as well as reading the latest dental journal and books on leadership and development. With 22 years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Mansour is a part-time lecturer at Texas A&M College of Dentistry, where he teaches the next generation of dentists how to provide the best care for their patients.

stephanie couture dental hygienist

Stephanie Couture
Dental Hygienist

A giver and taker of smiles, Stephanie just might ask for your picture for her smile wall. When not at work, Stephanie practices her dexterity and hand-eye coordination through video games, and her steady-hand through yoga. When you see her, make sure to give her a genuine smile.

deysi sanchez dental assistant

Deysi Sanchez
Dental Assistant

Mom of three little girls, Deysi knows that going to the dentist can be scary and therefore she strives to create a pleasant experience for both mother and child. She puts in the extra effort to remember each patient, just like she puts in the extra effort in her scrapbooking ventures. When you see her, she might just be a sight for sore eyes.

carola tonche dental assistant

Carola Tonche
Dental Assistant

When not taking x-rays, Carola likes to create her own images Bob Ross style. She takes cues from her favorite comedians Chandler from Friends and Lucille Ball to entertain her clients and alleviate any fear they might have. When you see her, think “every tree needs a little friend.”

jenaan mansour dental assistant

Jenaan Mansour
Dental Assistant

Lover of an organized schedule, Jenaan provides safe, thoughtful and comfortable care to both children and adults. Inspired by her baby nieces, Jenaan is determined to become a neonatal nurse. When you see her, you know your kids are in good hands.

fatma qashmar patient relations specialist

Fatma Qashmar
Patient Relations Specialist

With a smile ready to greet patients, Fatma solves insurance and scheduling issues efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about them. Need any tips for your morning cup-of-joe? Fatma will gladly sit and discuss the best places around Plano. When you see her, you will feel instantly energized.

suzette vargas receptionist

Suzette Vargas

Friendly and always active, Suzette uses her HIIT time-management skills to get you through your appointment quickly and skillfully. She also practices Muay Thai and enjoys tom yum goong. When you see her, she may be able to teach you some moves.

andrea carrizales marketing assistant

Andrea Carrizales
Marketing Assistant

With a soft spot for fun and thoughtful design, Andrea enjoys talking with patients around the office and in community events. Her never-melting love for ice cream is balanced with her goal of becoming a dentist. When you see her, make sure to tell her how your visit went.

brenda hernandez financial coordinator

Brenda Hernandez
Financial Coordinator

Patient, inquisitive and open minded, Brenda is a good listener by nature, and will craft a personalized experience before you even walk through the door. When you see her, you may find you can talk with her forever.

jenny cruz office manager

Jenny Cruz
Office Manager

Soccer mom to her kids and cheerleader to the team at Dental Distinction, Jenny’s greatest objective is providing a nurturing environment for staff and patients to fulfill their needs. She has supported her husband Dr. Mansour since the very beginning by becoming a dental assistant while he attended dental school. When you see her, you know you came to the right place.