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Restorative Treatments- Helping to restore your healthy smile!

Restorative treatments allow for our team to restore and repair your teeth to get them to their optimal aesthetic and functional state.

Fillings-Cavities occur when teeth begin to develop decay. Decay is carefully removed and a composite filling is placed. Composite is a tooth colored filling that can be safely used on adults and children; it is durable and can be contoured to restore the natural look and feel of your teeth.

Crowns and Bridges-Crowns and bridges are porcelain or gold made caps that are placed on weak, fractured or severely damaged teeth. Crowns are often used on teeth that have had root canal treatments or on teeth that need that extra support. It is a multiple step process that begins with shaving down the natural tooth to make it more adaptable to a crown fitting, an impression is taken and the prescription is sent to a specialized lab that customizes the fit, shape and color of the crown to match your natural teeth. Bridges are used to fill in missing gaps by using the adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in place.


Dentures/Partials-Dentures (complete or partial) are that extra set of artificial teeth used to replace your missing natural teeth. They are usually acrylic-based and sit securely on your gum. We will work with you to help in creating the best fit, while obtaining maximum comfort and functionality.

Root canals-Root canal therapies are done when decay has gone too deep and has reached into the inner portion of the tooth where the pulp resides. You may or may not experience pain. Typically if a root canal is warranted the pulp is removed, canals cleaned and a filing put in its place.

Extractions-As a last resort unrestorable teeth must be extracted. However you have many options available and we will be happy to help you make the best decision.

Whitening-We offer in-office and take-home whitening options to help you get a beautiful sparkling, white smile.

Implants- "Keep a one tooth problem a one tooth problem" It is an artificial tooth root placed in the area of a missing tooth or teeth to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.