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Nothing Less Than Perfect Smiles

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Bioesthetic dentistry is a treatment philosophy that first started to come together in the 1990s, and it has a very simple but ambitious goal: perfection. It aims to give people smiles that function wonderfully, are incredibly attractive, and have a low chance of experiencing common problems over time. How can one approach accomplish all of this? Dental Distinction is eager to show you using bioesthetic dentistry in Plano, TX. With it, you’ll get the best of everything each time you come to see us.

Why Choose Dental Distinction for Bioesthetic Dentistry?

  • Level III Fellowship in Bioesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry
  • TMJ Treatment Training with Orthognathic Bioesthetics International
  • Certified Invisalign Provider

What Is Bioesthetic Dentistry?

The early work in the field of Bioesthetics was first introduced in 1978 by Dr. Robert Lee. He researched healthy individuals who had no problems in their bite, jaw joints and had minimal work done in their entire lives. After thorough analysis and years of work, he presented his research and restorative guidelines to understand health and stability of entire oral system as Bioesthetics i.e ‘the study or theory of the beauty of living things in their natural forms and functions’. This is the basis of biological cosmetic dentistry. Since these guidelines are based on a natural unworn healthy system, the results are beautiful, feel right and create smiles that can last long time.

Do I Need Bioesthetic Dentistry?

Every case is unique and different. Dr. Khan acquires a set of data for addressing jaw joints’ dysfunction and bite problems so that the harmony in the joints, bite and esthetics can be created in a biological model.

Sometimes, the underlying problems are severe that have caused significant breakdown of teeth and/ or jaw joints that require complete rehabilitation of bite, dentition and oral system. This is similar to complete remodeling. The objective of this process is to create health and restore balance that strictly follows the principles found in nature.

In simple words, when all the components of Chewing system are healthy and in balance with each other; the jaw joints, teeth, muscles and the nerves are working together seamlessly.

On the contrary, when this harmony is not present, the muscles of the jaws over flex and causes the joints to move out of its center. Overtime, this leads to problems such as:

  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (this can be pain, clicking, popping, locking or any combination of TMJ symptoms)
  • Headaches (it has been reported that 80-85% of all headaches are related to bite)
  • Broken and worn-down teeth
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Grinding and clenching
  • Sore or pain in jaw muscles
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Sensitive or sore teeth
  • Premature aging of face and an unattractive smile


The Importance of Bioesthetic Dentistry

With Bioesthetics approach, the root cause of these problems is addressed altogether instead of covering up the symptoms. The goal is to simulate the natural Principles of Bioesthetics to regain function, health, balance and esthetics of chewing system that can last a long time.

Following this model, oral health can have dazzling smiles but most importantly patients’ overall systemic health improves remarkably.

At Dental Distinction, Dr. Hira Khan looks for the early warning signs and symptoms to help patients avoid more complex problems associated with a bite related disorder. While we cannot stop the natural aging process, with Bioesthetic treatment, we can create pain-free, long-lasting, balanced, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Hira Khan’s Journey to Bioesthetics

As a dental student, I always had plethora of questions to understand the physics and biology the way jaw joints and teeth function to withstand chewing forces. 

In my teenage years, I suffered with bite problems that later on caused me TMJ dysfunction, headaches and chronic head/neck pain.

I always wondered that there has to be a correlation of jaw joints with occlusion (the way teeth bite together) and its musculature. It is imperative to look into the entire system altogether. In my quest, I happened to meet great instructors who became my mentors later on. I started learning about occlusion, bite, jaw joints, airway through different CE courses and wasn’t just satisfied. Orthopedic instability of the jaw joints was the main missing link, and I knew that without addressing this, TMJ dysfunction and bite problems cannot have the right balance.

‘When a student is ready, teacher appears’. That’s exactly happened with me. One of my instructors carved my path to learn these principles through Orognathic Bioesthetics International/ Foundation of Bioesthetics where the entire chewing system is considered as one to understand the disease process that can result in TMJ problems, tooth wear, fractures of teeth, worn down smiles, sleep disordered breathing and more.

Function, comfort, health, balance, beauty and harmony can be achieved in the entire oral system that we call ‘SMILES FOR LIFE’ at Dental Distinction.

I envision a future where our patients no longer view dental visits as a necessity but as a pathway to experiencing enhanced well-being and aesthetics. With our dedication for patient-centered care, we aim to empower individuals to take control of their oral health and embrace a life of vitality, beauty, balance and a biological healthy lasting smiles.

Syeda had full mouth rehabilitation using minimally invasive composite addition treatment for bite problems that relieved underlying clenching, migraine headaches and TMJ symptoms.