Why Toothaches Are More Noticeable at Night

February 10, 2023

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person with toothache sleeping peacefully at night

There’s no denying how unpleasant it is to have a toothache. They can make it difficult to get through work, school, and other responsibilities. Toothaches can also make it hard for you to get some sleep, especially since they seem to be worse at night. But why is that? Continue reading to learn why toothaches seem to be worse at night as well as what you can do to get better sleep until you can visit your emergency dentist.

Why Are Toothaches More Noticeable at Night?

Bruxism is characterized by clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth unconsciously it is especially common at night and can lead to a range of issues, including headaches, jaw pain, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues, and dental pain.

Since the amount of blood flow to the head often intensifies when you lay down, this can cause additional pressure to be put on sensitive areas in the mouth. As a result, your toothache will likely become worse.

6 Tips for Sleeping Through the Night with a Toothache

If you have a toothache, make sure to schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist as soon as possible. This will allow them to determine what’s causing it and administer treatment before it gets any worse. Though they will try to see you as soon as possible, there are a few ways that you can help yourself sleep through the night until then, including:

  • Elevate your head – Use a pillow to prop up your head so excess blood flow doesn’t cause your toothache to become worse.
  • Practice good oral hygiene – Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing nightly will lower your risk of decay and other oral health problems that can lead to a toothache.
  • Take pain medication – Over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate discomfort as well as inflammation when taken as instructed on the package.
  • Rinse your mouth –Add 1/2 a teaspoon of salt to a warm cup of water. Gargle with this salt and water mixture to kill bacteria and sooth tooth pain.
  • Use a cold compress – An ice pack placed on the affected area can help with inflammation and numb discomfort. Do this in 15-minute intervals.
  • Avoid certain foods – Don’t consume foods or drinks that are overly hot, cold, acidic, sweet, or sharp since they may increase tooth pain or discomfort.

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